Fully computerized automatic heavy gauge high speed socks knitting machine with Deimo controller of Italy, has simple structure and operation. China selector for needle selection is adopted. Number of needles can change from 42N to 96N according to customer require with only fittings of movable parts replaced. It can knit various socks for men, women, children, kneepad using materials from feather yarn, rabbit hair and pashm....

Technical Features:

1.Drumless and fully automatic electronic control system;
2. Electro-pneumatic yarn finger, bolt cams control;
3. Ac servo motor and driver;
4. Double yarn feeder device, 9 yarn fingers and two groups scissors;
5. 8 colors yarn continuous-exchange knitting;
6. Various sensor for obstacles (yarn inlet, yam cutting, defected needle, selector cutting, electric obstacle);
7. Automatic lubricant device;
8. Downward sock discharging function, and automatic sock turning device;
9. Capable to weave two colors in the same row and elastic alternatively;
10. Jacquard triangle cam connection by all in one structure, noise can be reduced;

11. "Y" or "W" forms of heel Part;
12. Reinforcement for heel & toe.

Features of pattern design system
1. Multiple languages displayed on LCD
2. USB system
3. High efficiency and precise actuator(8 steps)
4. Self-test function of actuator
5. Self-test function of each electric action part
6. Selecting function of basic pattern existence
7. Display of productivity
8. Storing of pattern design & style (Chain data)

Using condition of pattern design system
1. Computer hardware: Pentium 4
2. O.S: windows XP
3. Hdd: 10GB above
4. Ram: 128MB above
5. Vga Ram:16 MB above

*Features could be changed without notice for improving machine

Cylinder Diameter:  4.5 inches
Number of needles:  42N~96N
Revolution:        180Rpm~240Rpm
Motor:             1.3Kw~1.5Kw
Actuator:           5.5-6piezo electric ceramic actuators
Electric:           3P-AC 220V~380V 50/60Hz
Machine Dimension:  (L)100cm X (W)160cm X (H)235cm

Packing Size:      (L)100cm X (W)100cm X (H)200cm

Net weight:         400Kg
Gross Weight:       450Kg
*Production and R.P.M could be adjusted by different materials

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