J-602 Fully computerized double cylinder heavy gauge socks knitting machine with simple structure and operation. 4.5 inches of heavy gauge rang from 42~96 Needles could be changed to meet customer needs with only replacing of movable parts . It can knit various kinds of socks ...

Technical Features:

1. Drumless and fully automatic electronic control system;
2.Electro-pneumatic yarn finger, bolt cams control;
3.Servo motor and driver;
4.6 Yarn fingers;
5. 5 different color yarns exchange knitting continuously;
6. Various sensor for obstacles(yarn inlet, yarn cutting, defected needle, selector cutting, electric obstacle);
7.Automatic lubricant device;
8.Socks separation to bottom direction;
9.Adjustment of socks quality by stepping motor;
10."Y" forms of heel;
11. Automatic turning over socks separation;
12. Reinforcement for heel & toe.

Features of pattern design system:

1. Multiple language displayed on LCD
2. USB system
3. High efficiency and high precise actuator(12 steps)
4. Self-testing function of actuator
5. Self-testing function of each electric action part
6. Sole pattern Selecting

7. Display of productivity

8. Storing of pattern design & style(Chain data)

Computer system for the machine:

1. Computer hardware: Pentium 4
2. O.S:  XP

3. Hdd: 10GB above
4. Ram: 128MB above
5. Vga Ram: 16 MB above

*Features could be changed without notice for the improving machine


Cylinder Diameter:  4.5 inches
Needle range:       42N~96N
Revolution:         220Rpm~260Rpm
Motor:              1.3Kw~1.5Kw
Actuator:           5.5-6 piezo electric ceramic actuators
Electric:           3P-AC 220V~380V 50/60HZ
Machine Dimension:     (L)100cm X (W)160cm X (H)235cm  
Packing Size:          (L)100cm X (W)100cm X (H)200cm 

Net weight:         350Kg
Gross weight:       400Kg
*Production and R.P.M could be adjusted by different materials

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