There are various types of mechanical equipment. When the mechanical equipment is in operation, some of its components may even perform different forms of mechanical movement. Mechanical equipment consists of drive units, transmissions, transmissions, work units, brakes, guards, lubrication systems, cooling systems, etc... LEARN MORE

“Excellent performance, excellent quality” is the quality policy of Aurora Machinery Co., Ltd. For Aurora's quality, just as human dignity, we must do our best to safeguard and maintain it. No matter where we operate, goodwill is valuable The assets, which guide our way of doing things, each Aurora employees use commercial integrity to safeguard the company's reputation.

We recognize that when we are committed to the success of wealth, we must take into account the broad economic, environmental and social impact of our business operations. We abide by the business methods of protecting the environment for future generations. Otila The goal is to become an environmental leader in the industry in product and service applications.

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